Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interview Question: What is the difference between an UPS and an Inverter?



Inverter  is device which is convert dc supply to ac supply.It has two units 1. charging 2.inverter circuit(which covert dc supply into ac supply with the help mosfet or transistor).The proper meaning of inverter is a device which converts dc into ac.The inverter also contains a battery unit and an dc to to ac
conversion unit. when the power fails the inverter will deliver power from switching from main source to battery source. The switching time here is normally greater than 20 ms.

Ups : means uninterrupted power supply.The proper meaning of this is a device, which delivers power, even if the source power fails(Uninterrupted power supply).This is also contains the same thing as a inverter except here the switching time from main source to backup source is less than 10ms, so that the computer hard drives or insensitive power products should not be affected from this.Depending on the switching time there is a online ups and offline ups. off line ups is same as a inverter.